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DarkRP Rules - Casey - 07-23-2018

We are sorry for the excessive amount of rules, most of them are fairly basic but they still need to be stated to make the server enjoyable and playable, thank you. -Casey

Common Sense
1. Common sense is expected to be followed by all players.
2. Common sense is defined as whether or not the class/job you are playing would be able to do that real life and/or within the rules set for that class/job. This includes loopholes in the rules.
3. An exception to the common sense is when other rules describe otherwise.
4. Should there be a disagreement on common sense Moderators or the highest/most senior ranking staff member on at the time has the last say in regards to Common sense.

Common Sense Examples
1. If you were to get kidnapped, mugged, etc. in real life you would want to live. This applies to RP also, you must have a strong will to live (example: not pulling a gun on your kidnapper. you can't chance your life in this situation, you must do what your kidnapper/mugger says.).
2. In real life it is not physically possible to prop surf, so of course you may also not do that on this server.
3. In real life, you would have the choice to help a stranger, this applies here also. If someone was getting mugged/kidnapped, you would be given a decision on whether to help or not.
3 cont. You can not counter raids, Only mugs, kidnaps, rape, etc.
4. If someone threatens you, tell them to stop. Use 2 /advert warnings (at least 5 seconds apart from each other) and then you can kill them. You are able to kill them anywhere after you warn them twice.
5. A Civil Protection can also arrest the person who is threatening you.

Spawn/Casino Guidelines
1. Spawn and Casino are safe zones from all mugging, kidnapping, killing, etc., if you go AFK anywhere else you are not protected from anything.
2. Do not abuse safe zone to prevent someone from legitimately arresting, killing, and/or kidnaping you.

General Server Rules
1. Do not RDM
   a. Random DeathMatch - Killing people without valid reason, randomly damaging
2. Do not attempt to prop surf, prop block, prop kill, prop push or spam props.
3. Do not disrespect players or staff
   a. If you disagree with a staff member or a player, do so politely.
4. Do not hack or exploit.
5. Do not evade punishment
   a. Example: Leaving while jailed, Leaving during a sit.
   b. If you must leave, inform an admin with a valid reason for leaving.
6. Do not advertise other servers or products, this is not tolerated.
7. Do Not use vote demote while staff are online. This means using /demote on anyone while staff are online
Staff can just demote the person from their job if required
8. Do not "god check” any staff member on duty.
   a. It is not the admin’s or moderator’s fault if you shoot at them and they take damage.
9. No trolling, being a smart ass, shooting people without killing them, spamming props, etc.
   a. If you are caught, you will be punished with a low chance of appeal.
10. Use admin Chat for its intended purpose
   a.Use “@ <Message>” To inform admins of a problem at hand.
   b.Do not spam this chat, post jokes or comments that are not intended to be in there
11. Disrespect/harassment/trolling/prejudice/etc. of your fellow players is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
12. Racism in a non-hostile way will be a kick and if done again will be a permanent ban, if used hostilely it will be a no warning permanent ban.
13. Hacking/exploiting/cheating will be swiftly met with a permanent ban with no exceptions.

General Darkrp Rules
1. Do not abuse your job
   a. This includes spawning in job exclusive items and switching jobs after. This is known as self supplying.
   b. You may not exclusively service people. You must service everyone. This means that you cannot exclusively sell to your friends.
2. Follow NLR (New Life Rule)
   a. NLR is 5 minutes for everyone.
   b. This is reduced to 1 minute for Civil Protection only during a bank or pd raid
   c. NLR for raiders is until the raid is over with an advert, or it has been 3 minutes. Whichever is longer.
   d. You forget everything in your previous life when you respawn. Using information from your last life is FailRP and NLR
3. You must advert for RP activities.
   a. Examples are: Raid, PD Raid, Bank Raid, Raid Assist, Carjack, kidnap and mug
4. You must advert the targets of Muggings and Kidnaps in separate Adverted
5. If you want to take away someone's weapons when they are being kidnapped you must advert that you are taking away their weapons.
   a. Example: /advert this is a kidnap
   b. Example: /advert this is a mug drop 2k
   c. You must specify which activity you are doing
   d. You may only have one RP action happening at a time.
   e. This means you can only have a mug or a carjack for example.
   f.  You must advert before any of these things
6. Do not Scam other players
   a. Scamming is selling goods and not giving them, giving the player the wrong item and running off with their money, etc.
   b. Our server does not tolerate scammers, this is because leaves any player shorthanded. We feel that any player should have equal opportunities on the server.
7. You cannot declare public areas KOS
   a. The exception to this rule is if you are a hobo and have a base
8. No revenge “hunting/killing” players.
   a. You died, meaning you need to follow new life rule (see above for more)
       (i.e If you mug someone, they get away, you may not kill them later.)
   b. If you get arrested for any amount of time after, you may not kill the cop
   c. You can place hits in an RP manner though
9. You Must give 10 seconds before attempting to kill or arrest someone
   a. Example: you are a cop, you see a guy with a gun out. You ask him to put it away and then you wait 10 seconds.
10. No hit/kill boxing.
   a. This means building a base where your attackers can't see you, but you can see them. The attackers and defenders MUST have equal vision of each other. You cannot use real time cameras inside structures. (see          base, property and raiding rules for more info)
11. No giving more than $250k per real day.

Prop Related Rules
1. Do not build on other people's property.
   a. You may block off entrances to a base as long as there is at least 1 obvious entrance.
   b. You must have a working keypad if you are using a fading door as an entrance to a base/storage/etc.
   c. There Must be 2 keypads close to the doors to enter and exit
2. You may not build in public unless you are a hobo.
3. Hobos can build anywhere in public except they cannot block the roads.
4. You cannot build floating bases.
5. Do not build inappropriate structures or un-raidable structures/bases.
6. No invisible props.
7. You may not build staircases as it is considered prop climbing, unless it is on YOUR private property.
8. Do not hitbox. (see above)
   a. This means that one or more players has an unfair shooting advantage. Everyone must have equal sight.
9. You cannot no-collide props. This includes veiches.
10. You do not own anything outside your doors that you have purchased
   a. Anything that is outside your doors is open to the public meaning you can't build there.
   b. Mega bases arent allowed (you cant connect building to one another)
   c. you do not own the roofs of your buildings meaning you cant put props up there unless its specified (hotel roof is only exception)

Property, door, raiding and hacking rules
1. You cannot own a door unless you are using it for your base.
   a. This means no more than one house/building (2-4 doors depending on base).
   b. Exceptions are if you own all the doors to the ghetto/industrial area. You can block those off if you own all the doors.
2. You cannot have more than 2 keypads connected to one fading door.
3. You cannot use fading door binds or buttons while your base is being raided.
4. You MUST use a keypad during the raid.
   a. This is considered door abuse if you don't comply. Which will result in punishment
5. You cannot build a base where you can shoot your raiders, but they can't shoot you.
6. Your keypad must be open for a minimum 3 seconds when the code is entered.
7. You cannot raid while someone is building their base, and have a "BUILDING" sign.
   a. Please don't have a building sign for obscene amounts of time.
   b. You cannot kill anyone outside the area of the raid.
   c. The raid zone is inside the building
   d. Typically no longer than 15-20 mins
8. Do not raid the same base over and over again.
   a. Wait a reasonable amount of time before going again. (min. 10 minutes). There is a 5 minute cool down between raiding bases and a minimum of 10 minutes to raid the same base.
9. You may not build or leave during a raid.
   a. Please do not leave during a raid, you will be banned for 24 hours
10. After the attackers die they must wait 5 minutes to come back to the raid site.
11. You cannot have entities in your base while you have a building sign up (printers, drugs etc.).
12. You may not assist in a raid unless the raider is in your squad and you are at the raid when it starts.
13. You cannot kill people for loitering (standing in front of, or near, your property). You do not own the land outside the property you have purchased. If they are loitering inside the boundaries of your property, you have to ask them to get out before opening fire with a minimum of 10 seconds.
14. You may not counter raid bases. This means you may not kill a player raiding a base or kill a player raiding a base then taking over the raid.
15. CP may not base outside the PD, however the mayor can.
16. You may not build a base where you have one way props, and then have fences to shoot through after being able to see your enemy through the one way prop. (UNLESS both sides of the props are the same, aka see through or vision is blocked on either side) You may not use an RT Camera to be able to see the people either. As its just a way around the rule. Using an RT Camera will result in a more severe punishment seeing as you are using loopholes
17. Only the Mayor and CP are allowed to build inside the PD. Meaning if you can't unlock the doors in the PD then you cannot build there.
18. No crouch/jump bases allowed. This means that you cannot make it so a player has to crouch or jump to get into your base.

Mugging Rules
1. When mugging someone you must include the player’s name in the first advert and the amount you want to drop in the second advert.
   a. For example: "/advert mug drop 2k you have 10 seconds"
2. You cannot mug for more than $2,000.
3. You must give a player at least 10 seconds to comply to the commands in your mug.
   a. For example: You can't say "Don't have a weapon out" when the player already had a weapon out so you can immediately kill them.
4. You must wait 5 minutes between each mug and 10 minutes for the same person.
5. You can only mug someone who is in distance to read your chat.
6. Even though advert is global there is a box on top of textbox that says "People who can hear you". Your victim must have there name there.
7. Mugging Hobos is failRP, they don't have money since they are homeless.

Reasons You can kill/shoot a player

1. If a player is obviously and intentionally arresting, murdering, attacking, assaulting, damaging, mugging, raiding, kidnapping you or a party member.
   a. If you see this happening to someone else but they are not in your party, then you are not allowed to help them. (mugging, kidnapping, is an exception)
2. If a player is trespassing your base.
   a. You must give them 2 warnings using /advert to leave, you must give them 5 seconds between warnings before you can kill them
3. You must put up a KOS sign clearly stating where the player cannot go.
4. If the mayor was elected within 10 minutes you may not kill him.
   a. Except if the mayor attacks you within the 10 minute period.
5. If a player damages vehicle.
6. If you see a player getting Kidnapped.
   a.You are allowed to help strangers/Non party members in this situation

Reasons you can arrest a player (law enforcement)

1. If a player is using/has possession of/is selling drugs.
2. If a player has possession of or is selling a two-handed weapon without a weapon license.
   a. You must give them a 10 second warning to drop weapon before arresting them.
3. If a player is Trespassing/raiding.
   a. You must give them a 10 second warning before arresting them.
4. If a player is murdering, attacking, assaulting, damaging, mugging, raiding you or another player.
5. If a player has a publicly drawn weapon of any kind.
   a. You must give them a 10 second warning to drop weapon before arresting them. (one handed weapons ask to put away, two handed ask to drop)
6. If a player has possession of money printers.
7. If a player is robbing the bank vault.
8. If a player has stolen a car.
   a. You must check the car for its owners name and use the name to pm the person car to check if its was stolen.
9. If a player orders a hit and you overhear the hit being placed.
10. If you hear hitmen asking for hits.

Dark RP Laws
1. All drugs are illegal to be sold/have in possession/carry.
   a. This includes plants.
2. All guns and Black Market Items are illegal to be sold/have in possession/carry.
   a. Except one-handed weapons
   b. Unless you have a license for the guns
3. Corrupt law enforcement is illegal.
   a. Corrupt law enforcement can demoted via vote even with Staff on or Demoted by the mayor/Civil Protection Cheif.
4. Graffiti/text signs anywhere except for within your own property is illegal.
5. Murdering/Attacking/Assaulting/Injuring/Mugging in public is illegal.
6. Publicly drawn gun/knife/weapon of any circumstance is illegal.
7. Causing public disturbance is illegal.
   a. Multiple complaints are required for this to be taken seriously.
8. Money printers, stealing, destroying, raiding, kidnapping, and trespassing.
9. All of the laws are in place whether there is a mayor or not. However, the may or not override these laws but can add new laws if displayed on the law board.
10. If a player is breaking the law. You must give at least 10 seconds for them to comply.
   a. Exception to this is murdering/attacking/assaulting/injuring/mugging in public.

Vendor Rules
1. You must sell to anyone who asks (you can't deny service to anyone).
2. You cannot give free weapons, drugs, etc. if they are meant to be sold.

Terror Rules
1. You have 1 minute to kill as many cops as you can.
2. If there are no cops online you are allowed to kill 3 people of your choice in 1 minute.
3. Terror has a 10 minute cool-down (you have to wait 10 minute before doing terror again.).
4. You cannot kill other terrorists or Osama.
5. Once you start terror you are KOS by everyone (except other terrorists & Osama.).