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Condenser Transformer Bushing - sfgg88 - 10-11-2018

Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Condenser Transformer Bushing meets the IEC 60137 Standard. Bushing is Dry type, without Oil, Epoxy resin impregnated fiberglass insulation, free Maintained, 9 levels anti-seismic.
The Resin Impregnated Fiberglass Condenser Transformer Bushing combine the high insulation property of RIP bushing and excellent mechanical property of GFRP dry-type bushing, so it has higher insulated property and more stable operation.
RIF Dry type Condenser Transformer bushing features:
1.Porcelain or Composite sleeve for RIF transformer bushing
2.Short Production time: 20-90 days depend on the different voltage, 10 production lines.
3.Oil-free, pure-solid major insulation structure items
4.Lower PD
5.Without combustion and explosion hazard, stable electrical performance
6.Perfect high and low temperature resistant performance, ranging from +155°C to -200°C
7.Applied for heavy polluted area Free Maintained. 9 level anti-seismic
8.Installed angle up to 180° from vertical
9.Draw-lead type or Current-carrying type bushing for customer choose
10.Trade term: FOB, CIF, CFR,ECT
11.Payment: T/T, L/C
Technical standardsIEC 60137
Rated voltage (kV)24kV40.572.5126145170252550800
Rated current (A)1-80000A
1min power frequency dry(wet) voltage withstand(kV)5595155255305355505740970
Full-wave impulse withstand voltage of lighting (kV)125200325550650750105016752100
Under 1.05 times of maximum phase voltage tan δ≤0.005
Partial discharge under the rated voltage≤10pC
Bending resistant test load1000-50000 N
The minimum nominal creepage distance31mm/Kv
Workshop review:Condenser Transformer Bushing